About Us

Our mission at Farm To Cheese is to preserve the Vermont landscape and way of life, support and celebrate the Vermont dairy industry, and create a “cheese experience” for our customer that is unparalleled. We strive to make artisanal cheese accessible to everyone while maintaining the quality, traditions, and stories of the cheese-making process and the farms we support. We will remain dedicated and focused on our mission to support the viability and sustainability of our Vermont dairy community by donating a portion of our proceeds directly back to the industry.

Farm To Cheese started as a dream for Laura Allen, a true Vermont lover, and Tiffany Cunningham, an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional (yes, that is really a thing!).  Laura has lived in Vermont for over a decade and is proud to call this great state her home.  With dairy farms making up such an important part of the Vermont way of life and landscape, she naturally wants to do all she can to preserve these amazing resources.  If our Vermont dairy farms cease to exist and remain viable, the community that endears us will change forever.  Laura is also a passionate woodworker and handmakes every board you receive.  Tiffany has been in the cheese industry for over 15 years mostly in Austin, TX.  However, she moved to Vermont in 2022 to realize her dream of owning a cheese business (because some of the best cheeses in the world are made right here in Vermont!).  She has been a cheesemonger, a buyer, has taught cheese pairing classes and been an educator.  Anyone who has ever met Tiffany knows about her love of cheese and her desire to contribute to the community in a meaningful way.  Thus, Farm To Cheese was born out of these combined passions and we are proud to offer many different ways to enjoy such a perfect food - cheese! Come along with us as we take a journey to the perfect bite.  

We look forward to meeting you soon!