Vermont Shepherd

Vermont Shepherd is one of the oldest sheep dairies in America, and the oldest sheep dairy in Vermont. They started doing business over 30 years ago and are still a small family owned and operated farm and dairy. Located on 250 acres in Westminster West, Vermont of farm and pasture land, they care for a flock of 300-700 sheep (depending on the time of year). Vermont Shepherd is grounded in a policy of sustainability and working with the land, ensuring the highest milk quality, health of our animals, health of the pastures and grasslands themselves, health and happiness of those tending to the business and working with us, and creating an end product of the highest quality for our customer base.

Their summer cheese, “Verano,” is made from pure sheeps’ milk when their pastures are abundant with wild herbs and grasses. Verano then ages 3-5 months and ripens by August. Their winter cheese, “Invierno,” is made from a mix of sheeps’ milk and rich, organic milk from their neighbor's cows. Invierno ages 5-9 months and ripens by early winter. The flavor of the winter cheese is strong and full, with a spicy tang.  They even make a smoked version of the Invierno cheese with smoke from their own apple tree wood. 

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